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Dominate Search Engines with Help from a Human SEO Copywriting Expert

ChatGPT, Bard, and those other AI bots are overhyped. They don't understand human emotions or buying psychology.

If you're struggling to convert visitors or make sales, it's time to ditch the robots. Let my human-crafted SEO copywriting take your site to the next level.

While AI churns out keyword-stuffed word salad, my human expertise crafts optimized yet compelling copy search engines LOVE and readers WANT.

You'll get targeted keyword research and purpose-driven content connecting with REAL customers. I'll boost your rankings and conversions through engaging, strategic copywriting.


Why SEO Copywriting Matters

  • Rank Higher in Search Results
  • Get More Visitors
  • Improved Conversions
  • Builds Trust and Authority
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Stay Ahead of Competition

SEO copywriting is important for any website that wants more visitors. It's about writing content specifically for search engines like Google, but also making it useful for people. There are a few main reasons why SEO copywriting works:

1. Rank Higher in Search Results

The primary goal of any SEO strategy is to rank higher in organic search results for targeted keywords.

Search engines use hundreds of unique ranking factors to determine the relevancy and authority of pages, and content is one of the most influential among them.

SEO copy is written with the proper use of targeted keywords, optimized page structures, and freshness to convince search engines a page should rank highly.

Copy that properly utilizes keywords, answers user questions, and provides value will perform much better than ambiguous or thin copy when it comes to search rankings. Ranking highly translates directly to more qualified traffic and leads.

2. Drive Organic Traffic and Referrals

Once pages rank well, they begin driving significant organic search traffic, which is free of cost.

When SEO copy targets the informational needs of searchers and brings them valuable answers, it keeps those users engaged on-site longer instead of bouncing immediately.

Higher engagement metrics like time on site and page depth are signals to search engines that users are finding what they need, reinforcing rankings.

The copy also acts as a referral mechanism by sharing helpful information that can be passed along through backlinks and social sharing. Driving organic search visits and increasing average session duration through targeted copy boosts overall website traffic and leads substantially over time.

3. Improve Conversion Rates

Great SEO copywriting moves users further down the marketing funnel by addressing their specific questions and needs at each stage of the buyer's journey.

Well-optimized pages answer informational queries upfront and move searchers to more conversion-centric pages as their understanding increases. Targeted calls-to-action, compelling value propositions, and tailored offers keep guiding users towards the desired goal like a contact form submission or online purchase.

Pages containing highly relevant, solutions-focused copy that addresses the core user intent at each phase have been shown to significantly increase conversion rates versus ones focused primarily on keyword density.

4. Build Authority and Trust

When a website consistently publishes high-quality, well-researched educational content optimized for searchability, it begins to establish itself as a thought leader and expert resource in its industry or niche over time. Inbound links reflect this authority as other influential sites recognize and share the most helpful information.

Search engines analyze these metrics and take authority into account for ranking pages from more trusted domains higher. SEO copy positions a business as the go-to source by answering common questions with insightful, easily digestible content.

This breeds trust and familiarity among readers, potential customers, and key influencers - all of which contribute to growing brand authority online.

5. Enhance User Experience

While technical SEO factors like load times, structured data and other on-page elements play a role, high-quality content significantly affects how searchers interact with and perceive a website.

Clearly written, well-structured copy optimizes the user experience whether visitors land from organic search or referral links. Copy tailored to keywords but still focused on providing value helps visitors quickly understand if they've found the right answers.

Page structures like easy-to-scan headings, bullet points, and FAQs keep users engaged instead of bouncing back to results. Copy which delivers exactly what searchers wanted in their queries results in positive perceptions that reinforce organic rankings over time as users are less likely to leave negative feedback.

6. Remain Competitively Advantaged

As more businesses recognize the importance of SEO and work to rank for commercial keywords, having professional copy optimizing content becomes a key differentiator that helps maintain an advantage.

Strong on-page elements optimized for the search intent signal relevance to algorithms, but content also needs to clearly separate a business from competitors when searchers examine top results.

Detailed, uniquely valuable copy strengthens a unique selling proposition while also using targeted keywords. Competitive analyses help identify new topics to publish high-quality content around before others, further pulling ahead.

SEO copywriting executed effectively makes search visibility a sustained competitive edge rather than transient ranking boosts.

In summary, SEO copywriting has evolved into a core component of digital marketing strategy.

Beyond technical SEO, content optimized for searches is what ultimately convinces search engine crawlers a website deserves top positioning.

Human-friendly yet search-optimized copy answering user questions then drives the organic traffic, conversion rates and authority needed for long-term online success. Businesses strategically employing SEO copywriting gain a powerful competitive differentiator and growth channel while providing real value to searchers.

Services Overview: SEO Copywriting Tailored for Your Goals!

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO copywriting. Each company I work with has unique objectives, target audiences, products, and challenges. That's why I tailor a strategic SEO copywriting plan based on YOUR:

  1. Business Goals: More traffic? Increased engagement? More calls/form fills? Happier customers?

  2. Ideal Customer Avatars: Detailed buyer personas, mapping out their hopes, dreams, and pain points to tap into what makes them tick.

  3. Brand Messaging: Consistent messaging builds trust and credibility. I'll get crystal clear on your core values, voice, and unique value proposition.

  4. Keyword Research: No SEO plan goes far without strategic keywords. I dig deep into the words and phrases your audience uses during their buyer's journey.

Here is a table outlining some of the main SEO copywriting services I offer:

SEO Copywriting Service Price Range
Articles, Blog posts (1000-2000 words) $50 - $150 per post
On-page page titles and meta descriptions $50 - $150 per page
Product descriptions $15 - $50 per description
Case studies $100 - $250 per case study
Landing page content $150 - $300 per page
About Us / Company page $100 - $300 per page
Home page content $200 - $500 per page
Guest blog posts (1000-2000 words) $75 - $150 per post
E-books $300 - $750 per eBook
Keyword research and reporting $150 - $300 per project
Monthly content calendar and planning $500 - $1,000 per month
Press releases $150 - $350 per release
Copy editing/proofreading $10 - $50 per hour
Ongoing content management $1,000 - $2,000 monthly retainer
Social Media Copy (Posts, Ads etc) $50 - $150 per asset
Internal Link Analysis $150 - $300 per hour worked

Here are the main types of copywriting services, explained in detail:

Marketing Copy

Marketing copy includes all copy created for promotional purposes across various marketing channels. Some common examples include:

  • Website content: This includes pages on the company website like About Us, Services, Portfolio, along with blog posts and articles. The goal is to showcase expertise, build credibility and attract organic traffic.

  • Email marketing: This involves copy for email newsletters, promotions and automated sequences. The aim is to engage subscribers, provide value and encourage specific calls-to-action like purchases.

  • Social media posts: Copy for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn helps build a following and community. Different types of posts include images with captions, video scripts, paid ads etc.

  • Landing pages: Dedicated pages are created for campaigns, promotions or lead magnets like ebooks. Copy here has to clearly communicate offers and benefits, while nudging visitors to convert.

  • Brochures and case studies: Offline marketing materials require compelling copy that positions offerings and shares real client success stories.

  • Ad copies: Whether it's online display ads, search ads or offline print/TV ads, the copy conveys a compelling message and value proposition in limited space.

Advertising Copy

Advertising copy involves writing for all sorts of paid media like print, radio, television, outdoor etc. It aims to cut through clutter and attract immediate attention. Key considerations include:

  • - Short, memorable slogans or taglines that encapsulate the brand or offer.

  • - Impactful headlines that create intrigue or address a strong consumer need/desire.

  • - Clear, benefits-led body copy that addresses consumer objections and motivates a call-to-action.

  • - Consistent messaging across all advertising materials under one campaign.

  • - Use of imagery, design and multichannel placements for maximum reach and impact.

Direct Response Copy

Direct response copy is used specifically for promotions or offers where the goal is instant consumer action like purchases, free trials, registrations etc. Examples are direct mail, postcards, email and landing page copy. It heavily leverages:

  • - Scarcity and urgency to encourage quick decisions ("limited period only!").

  • - Social proof through customer testimonials and statistics.

  • - Clearly defined offers with tangible value or savings.

  • - Obvious calls-to-action stated ascommands ("call now!").

  • - Relevance and addressing core consumer motivations or pain points.

Web Content

This involves all long-form content on websites like articles, blogs, case studies, eBooks and reports. The aim is to provide value, build authority and engagement through:

  • - In-depth, solution-oriented articles addressing key industry or customer challenges.

  • - Case studies and success stories backing claims with social proof.

  • - Guidebooks and eBooks that establish expertise on a topic.

  • - Accessible, conversational tone to improve reader experience.

  • - Inner page optimization for search and social sharing.

Benefits You Can Expect By Working With Me

As your dedicated SEO copywriter, I become an extension of your marketing team (or fill that role as an outsourced partner if you don’t have one!).

Real SEO success comes from quality content that answers users' questions, solves their problems and builds trust - not AI generated keyword-crammed articles.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when we work together:

Increased Organic Traffic

Compelling, keyword-focused copy drives more qualified visitors to your site from Google and other search engines.

Higher Conversions

Persuasive messaging convinces visitors your brand best serves their needs, leading to more leads and sales.

Brand Awareness & Credibility

Well-written pages rich in expertise establish you as an authority, building brand recognition and trust.


Outsourcing to a freelance SEO copywriter saves money over hiring in-house, with maximum ROI.

Readable And Search Engine-Friendly Text

Copy appeals to visitors while seamlessly integrating SEO elements search engines need to index and showcase pages.

Personalized Service

You get tailored SEO content created with your unique brand voice, offerings, and audience in mind at every stage.

My Promise to You

I know you have many options for copywriting and SEO services in Singapore.

As a boutique agency, I may have less name recognition than multi-employee firms or freelancers offering SEO writing alongside many services.

Yet by specializing in SEO copywriting alone, I bring deep expertise combined with relentless commitment to each client’s success.

My promise is to not just complete projects but become a valued digital marketing partner. I work as an extension of your team, quickly grasping your offerings, objectives and target audience to craft content positioned for both search engine and human appeal. Ongoing tweaks then help sustain momentum.

Consider me your “virtual SEO copywriting department”, dedicated fully to elevating your online presence and driving business growth!

Take The First Step Towards SEO Copywriting Success!

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  • Set clear goals for what you want to achieve through better copywriting

  • Audit your site and top performing pages to prioritize areas to optimize

  • Map out an SEO copywriting plan customized for YOUR brand, products/services, and ideal customers

I’ll provide honest, actionable advice tailored YOUR unique needs - at no cost or obligation whatsoever.

By the end of this, you'll know exactly how my SEO copywriting services can take your online presence, traffic, conversions and sales to the next level.

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