About Deng Xiang

My Journey Into SEO Copywriting

Pursuing Digital Marketing

After creating visual identities and brand guidelines, I started exploring digital channels in my spare time. I dove into learning about SEO, social media, analytics and more. It was fascinating seeing how these different online tools work together to drive traffic and leads. I decided it was time for a change and enrolled in online courses.

My first role was helping small businesses develop basic marketing plans and manage their social profiles. I enjoyed the client interactions but wanted to specialize more. That’s when I discovered content marketing and copywriting – crafting compelling messages really appealed to me. I realized this combined my design sense with digital strategies.

Focusing on SEO Copywriting

To sharpen my writing skills, I practiced various formats from blog posts to emails to web pages. I also analyzed top-ranking local websites to understand what resonates. One thing that stood out was how smoothly optimized content blended keywords without seeming “stuffed.” I realized optimizing for search presented opportunities.

From there, I pursued SEO copywriting certification and further training in analytics and strategy. Over time, I developed methodologies for analyzing needs, ideating topics, optimizing text, and tracking results. My focus remains on creating engaging content that also performs well for search engines. The data-backed approach helps clients measure real ROI.

Building My Experience

With over 3 years in the industry now, I’ve worked with various sized businesses, non-profits and agencies. Some of my earliest projects included:

  • Boosting organic traffic 20% in 6 months for a startup through new blog posts and optimized website copy.
  • Helping market a startup’s new products and scale sales through a fully optimized ecommerce site and multi-channel content strategy.

Whether supporting solopreneurs or large corporations, I aim to create strategic, data-driven content solutions that generate measurable ROI over the long-term. My analytical skills combined with a passion for storytelling help organizations connect with ideal audiences.

Core Service Offerings

Aside from my core SEO copywriting services, I also provide:

  • Content marketing planning – Defining the right mix of channels and formats to attract customers.
  • Competitive analysis – Researching top competitors to identify opportunities.
  • Link building – Outreach to industry sites to boost Domain Authority gradually.
  • Analytics reporting – Monthly updates on engagement, traffic and ROI from content campaigns.
  • Social media management – Scheduling posts and engaging followers across profiles.
  • Consultation – Strategy sessions to determine the best approach for unique business goals.

Getting Started

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your business grow through SEO copywriting and content marketing strategies, please get in touch. I offer initial discovery calls to understand your unique goals and pain points. Then we can determine the best scope and timeline for a project tailored to your needs and budget. Simply fill out the contact form on this page and I’ll be glad to discuss how we can work together.