Stop Wasting Money! The 3 Words You MUST Use in Every Ad

As a business owner or marketer, you want your advertising dollars to go as far as possible. However, it’s all too easy to waste money on ads that don’t generate enough leads, sales or engagement.

The good news is there are simple words you can do to dramatically improve your ad performance without increasing your budget.

Those words are “you”, “free”, and “easy”.

In this article, I’ll explain why these words are so effective and provide examples and best practices for leveraging them to stop wasting money and get more bang for your advertising buck.

Use “You” to Connect and Engage

One of the easiest ways to boost ad performance is by directly addressing your target audience using the word “you”. Speaking directly to the reader on a personal level instantly grabs their attention and engages them more than impersonal messages. When people see “you” in an ad, it triggers a psychological response that makes them feel the message is relevant to them individually. This increases readership and the likelihood of a desired action like clicking or contacting you.

Some key ways to leverage “you” include:

  • Pose questions that use “you”, such as “Are you tired of X problem?” or “What would you do if you could Y?” This sparks curiosity.
  • Make bold claims about how your product or service can specifically benefit “you”, the reader, such as “Discover how you can save hundreds with our service.”
  • Directly call on “you” to take the next step, like “Click here to learn how you can get started today.” Be sure to clearly state the next step.
  • Get personal by addressing pain points or desires many in your target market can relate to. For example, an ad for a fitness program could say “If you’re frustrated with slow or no results from other programs, this is for you.”
  • Use “you” throughout the ad copy, not just at the beginning or end, to keep the reader constantly engaged on a personal level.

The goal is to get people thinking “this is for me” rather than dismissing your message as not relevant. Tests show ads with “you” see significantly higher click-through and conversion rates.

Leverage “Free” to Increase Interest and Trust

Another extremely powerful word proven to boost ad performance is “free”. We all love getting something for nothing, so offering free content, samples or services is a huge draw. Just be strategic in how you use “free” to maximize its benefits and avoid common mistakes.

Some best practices for leveraging “free” include:

  • Clearly state what is being offered for free upfront, like “Get your free guide to X” or “Sign up for our free trial today.”
  • Only offer genuinely free items without obligations or upsells. This builds trust that is essential for driving conversions.
  • Position the free offer as a high-value bonus, not the primary focus of your ad or business. For example, a free ebook could complement a coaching program.
  • Quantify the value of the free item, like “Normally a $47 value!” This social proofs demand and stokes scarcity concerns.
  • Use “free” in ad copy, headlines and calls-to-action consistently to maximize visibility and impact.
  • Collect leads or sales through the free offer by asking for contact details in exchange.

Tests show including the word “free” in ads increases click-through rates by 25-50% on average. It taps into psychological tendencies to seek bargains and perceive free items as more valuable.

Make It “Easy” to Take Action

The third powerful word you need in your ads is “easy”. People are busy and want solutions that save time and effort. Assuring readers your offer or next step is easy lowers the perceived barriers preventing them from acting. Some ways to promote ease of use include:

  • Highlight how little time commitment is required upfront, like “Just 5 minutes to get started.”
  • Stress effortless next steps, such as “Signing up is easy and only takes a few clicks.”
  • Promote set-it-and-forget-it automation where possible by emphasizing ease of use.
  • Contrast your easy solution to complex alternatives with statements like “No more hassling with X.”
  • Provide step-by-step instructions or a video demo to transparently illustrate simplicity.
  • Quantify ease in terms of numbers, like “Our 3-step process makes it simple.”
  • Position yourself as an easy alternative to difficult problems through copy like “We make Y a breeze.”

People are much likelier to engage further if your ad emphasizes how simple and hassle-free your offer or next step will be. Tests found including “easy” boosted click-through rates an average of 15-30%.

Use the 3 Words Together for Maximum Impact

While individually powerful, leveraging all three words together in your ads has a synergistic effect that magnifies their benefits even further. Here are some headline and copy examples incorporating “you”, “free”, and “easy” to demonstrate their combined impact:

  • Headline: Get Your Free Customized Plan to Lose Weight Easy and Fast
  • Copy: Are you frustrated with slow weight loss? Tired of complicated diets that are no fun? With our new program, losing weight is easy, effective and most of all, enjoyable. Sign up now to get your free customized meal and workout plan. In just 5 minutes you can start seeing results, thanks to our simple 3-step process. Lose weight easy and have fun doing it – claim your free plan today!
  • Headline: Make Money Online Easy With Our Free Training
  • Copy: Ready to earn an income from home but overwhelmed by all the info out there? We’ll show you the simple path to online profits. Our step-by-step training makes it easy to start a successful money-making website. And the best part? You can access it all for free right now. Just enter your email below to get immediate access. In minutes you’ll be on your way to making money online – it’s that easy with our free training!
  • Headline: Get Your Free Quote and Save Hundreds on Car Insurance
  • Copy: Tired of overpaying for auto coverage year after year? It’s time you started keeping more money in your pocket where it belongs. With our easy online quoting tool, you can compare customized rates from top insurers in minutes. Simply enter your information below to get your free customized quotes. See how much you could save and get lower premiums that fit your budget. You’ll be amazed by how easy affordable protection can be – start saving today with your free quotes!

As you can see, these headlines and copy seamlessly weave together the powerful words “you”, “free”, and “easy” to directly engage readers, build trust, minimize perceived barriers and maximize motivation to take action. Tests prove this triple-threat approach consistently delivers the best response rates.

Use the 3 Words Strategically Across Channels

While the three words are effective in any ad format, certain mediums lend themselves better to leveraging their unique benefits. Here are some strategic tips for incorporating them across key marketing channels:

Search Ads:

  • Use targeted keywords incorporating all 3 words like “free easy money making training”
  • Ask questions using “you” in ad copy like “Are you ready to earn extra income from home?”
  • Promote value with statements like “Get your free personalized profit plan”

Display Ads:

  • Craft attention-grabbing headlines incorporating all 3 words
  • Include compelling visuals that illustrate ease and value
  • Use “you” calls-to-action like “Get started for free below!”

Email Marketing:

  • Start emails with personalized greetings using the reader’s name
  • Highlight value and ease of featured free offers
  • Directly ask readers to take desired action for themselves

Social Media:

  • Pose engaging questions using “you” to spark conversations
  • Share educational, entertaining content for free
  • Promote exclusive free offers or trials with simple signup processes

Landing Pages:

  • Optimize page layout and calls-to-action around free offers
  • Use benefits-driven copy emphasizing value for “you”
  • Incorporate social proof and ease-of-use assurances throughout

The goal across all channels is to consistently communicate value, build trust and reduce barriers facing your target audience using the power of “you”, “free” and “easy”. Test different combinations to see what resonates most.

Measure and Refine for Maximum ROI

To ensure you continue optimizing your use of these three words, it’s essential to measure ad performance and track key metrics. Some top metrics to focus on include:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) – How many people click on your ad
  • Conversion rate – What percentage complete a desired action
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) – How much you spend to generate a lead/sale
  • Lifetime customer value (LCV) – Long-term revenue from customers

Analyze how these numbers change when testing different headline and copy variations incorporating “you”, “free”, and “easy”. Refine underperforming ads based on learnings. Also consider surveying or interviewing customers to gain qualitative insights into what motivated their actions.

Regular testing and refinement will help you continuously improve results. The goal is to optimize ad copy, offers and messaging to deliver the highest ROI possible from your marketing spend. With data-driven optimization, you can stop wasting money on ineffective ads and maximize returns.


Copywriting matters for business! Incorporating just three simple words – “you,” “free,” and “easy” – into your advertising has been proven to dramatically boost engagement and conversions without increasing budgets.

By leveraging the psychological power of these words strategically across channels, you can say goodbye to wasted ad dollars and start getting exponentially more qualified leads and sales. Measure performance and refine your approach regularly to maximize ROI over the long run. Follow the above best practices to stop wasting money and take your advertising results to the next level!