Top Copywriting Words and Phrases to GET CLICKS

The way you word things has a HUGE impact on how well your marketing performs. But with so many options out there, how do you know which words and phrases are truly the BEST for driving clicks, leads, and sales?

In this article, I’m sharing the most POWERFUL marketing words and phrases that have been PROVEN to grab attention and get people to take ACTION. Ignore these words at your own risk! By using them strategically in your copy, you’ll see a huge boost in clicks, shares, and conversions.


Free is hands-down one of the most persuasive words you can use in marketing. Why? Because people LOVE getting things for NO COST! Offering something free immediately creates urgency and gets noticed.

Some ways to use “free” effectively:

  • Free download
  • Free trial
  • Free guide
  • Free webinar
  • Free shipping
  • Free consultation

Always follow “free” up with a clear call to action so people actually take you up on the offer. But that one little word alone will generate MASSIVE clicks and traction for your marketing.


Shiny and new always catches people’s attention. Our brains are wired to be curious about anything novel or innovative. That’s why including the word “new” is extremely persuasive.

  • New product launch
  • New feature
  • New upgrade
  • All-new guide
  • Brand new tool

Again, pair “new” with specifics so people understand the value. Vaguely saying something is new isn’t powerful on its own. Tell them WHAT is new and WHY it matters.


“Secret” taps into our innate desire to be in the know. Hinting that you have insider access to covert information is major clickbait. Just look at how well “secrets” work for gossip sites and magazines.

Some examples:

  • Industry secret
  • Hidden secret
  • Insider secret
  • Exclusive secret
  • Secret sauce
  • Secret tool
  • Secret technique

With “secret”, follow up by explicitly detailing what that information is so people know there’s real value behind the tease.


We’re all trying to simplify our lives as much as possible. “Simple” speaks directly to that mindset and provides reassurance your solution can be easily adopted. Some choice simplifying words are:

  • Simple system
  • Quick and simple
  • Simplified method
  • Easily simple
  • Simply simple
  • One simple step

Assure people your process will save them time, effort or hassle with a good dose of simplicity in your language.


Backing up your claims with proof is essential, and “proven” does just that. It carries an air of authority by demonstrating something actually works through testing. Some proven hits:

  • Scientifically proven
  • Customer proven
  • Research proven
  • Results proven
  • ROI proven
  • Time-proven method

Showing social proof, case studies or data strengthens the effectiveness of “proven” even more.


Giving a guarantee addresses people’s #1 fear – wasting their money. Providing assurance they won’t lose anything is highly persuasive. Popular guarantee options are:

  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No question asked guarantee
  • Ironclad guarantee
  • Lifetime guarantee

Clearly spell out the terms so people understand the safety net. Guarantees are proven click-getters!


Describing something as “the best” immediately makes it stand out above competitors and piques interest. A few winning bests:

  • Best-selling
  • #1 best
  • Editor’s best pick
  • Customer’s best choice
  • Critically best
  • Industry best

Of course, ultimately you need to demonstrate WHY it deserves the “best” title through compelling evidence and social proof.


The simple act of discovery is endlessly fascinating. We’re programmed to seek out new insights and unlock mysteries. Leverage curiosity with discovery-themed copy like:

  • Discover how
  • Finally discover
  • Uncover the discovery
  • Discovery session
  • Revolutionary discovery
  • Ah-ha discovery

Shine light on the discovery people will make by engaging with your offer. Mystique goes a long way.


At the end of the day, all that really matters are the results. Emphasizing the outcomes people can achieve with your solution is big clickbait:

  • Amazing results
  • Proven results
  • Shocking results
  • Rapid results
  • Before & after results
  • Client results

Quantify returns with evidence whenever possible to sell the effectiveness. People perform actions for rewards.


In a noisy world of endless options, exclusivity stands out and gives social status. Some exclusive options to drool over:

  • Limited exclusive access
  • Exclusive early bird offer
  • Insider exclusive deal
  • VIP exclusive content
  • Exclusive launch opportunity
  • Exclusively available here

Scarcity is powerful, so use exclusives judiciously. But they’re proven click-magnets when paired with real utility.


We all want our lives enriched in meaningful ways. Speak to that desire by framing results as transformational:

  • Life-changing methods
  • Potentially life-changing
  • Truly life-changing effects
  • Experience life-changing growth
  • Make a life-changing decision

Overuse cheapens the impact, so qualify with specificity why someone’s existence could genuinely improve.


The possibility of a major leap forward is exciting. Use “breakthrough” to position your solution as a game-changer:

  • Groundbreaking breakthrough
  • Revolutionary breakthrough
  • Category-defining breakthrough
  • Patented breakthrough formula
  • Finally, a true breakthrough
  • Your personal breakthrough

Again, demonstrate thoughtful examples of exactly how standards will be raised to justify the claims.


A sense of urgency causes quick action. Tap into human procrastination with time-bound language like:

  • Extremely urgent opportunity
  • Limited time offer
  • Offer expires soon
  • Hurry, only 3 spots left
  • Don’t wait, act now
  • Last chance to register

Just be sure the imposed deadline is legitimate – people see through fake scarcity.


Most of us are continuously seeking more efficiency. “Accelerate” speaks that language of optimization:

  • Turbocharge your results
  • Jumpstart your progress
  • Catapult your growth
  • Rocket to the top
  • Fast track to success
  • Accelerated timeline

Empower people with the means to save precious hours, days or years vs typical returns.


One size rarely fits all, so offering customization is gold. Some choice customizable marketing:

  • Fully customizable solution
  • Customizable experience
  • Build your own ____
  • Personalized approach
  • Tailor-made for you
  • You’re in the driver’s seat

Give your audience control over shaping the outcome to their specifications.


Channeling people’s innate desire to emerge from the ordinary with boundary-pushing terminology:

  • Breakout success system
  • Catalyst for breakout growth
  • Step into the big leagues
  • Defy the status quo
  • Trailblazing path ahead
  • Outperform the competition

Inspire big dreams and prove how to wildly surpass mediocrity.


Being unstoppable evokes power, dominance and undefeatable perseverance. Ruthless words like:

  • Unstoppable momentum
  • Fuel your unstoppable mission
  • Become an unstoppable force
  • Ignite unstoppable passion
  • Unstoppable champions

Motivate ambition and signify the strength buyers will gain.


The notion of exploiting loopholes makes people feel sly and resourceful. Dangle these persuasively:

  • Little-known profit loophole
  • Regulation loophole goldmine
  • Tax loophole secrets
  • Unfair advantage loophole
  • Legal loophole opportunity

Of course, stay fully compliant – it’s just hooking interest ethically.


New standards of greatness are made by trailblazers. Paint your approach as pioneering:

  • Revolutionary system
  • Category-disrupting tech
  • Game-changing strategy
  • Paradigm-shifting concepts
  • Thought leadership revolution
  • Innovations that inspire

Convey evolving past outdated methods for enhanced results.


Earning insider access whets people’s appetites. Phrases that promise privileged intel:

  • Inside scoop
  • Get an inside look
  • Insider’s perspective
  • Behind-the-scenes tour
  • peak inside my process
  • Welcome to the inside circle

Holding secret knowledge is catnip for curiosity.


Unless safety is crucial, a little shock value stimulates interest. Consider:

  • Jaw-dropping discoveries
  • Staggering statistics
  • Blow your mind results
  • Can you believe…?
  • Mind-blowingly effective
  • Truth will shock you

Just make sure shock is followed promptly by value or risk click-through bail.


We all want to be amazed. Over-the-top praise can hook people if paired with proofs:

  • Positively amazing
  • Most amazing results ever
  • Had me amazed from day 1
  • Stunningly amazing technology
  • Changed my entire perspective, a true eye-opener

Keep claims plausible but express wild enthusiasm where due.


Some promotions strain credulity, for good reason if real. Wow with unlikelihood:

  • Hard to fathom, I know
  • Results too good to be true?
  • You’ll refuse to believe
  • You won’t believe your eyes
  • Seriously unbelievable
  • I couldn’t believe it either!

Promise to assuage any accompanying doubts with evidence.


Achievements and experiences deserve grandiose praise at times. Words like:

  • Epic new launch event
  • Journey of epic proportions
  • Venture of epic scale
  • Reward yourself epicly

Conjure an exceptional size, scope, and impact with dignity.


Promising the very best arouses aspirations. Select words contain significance:

  • Pinnacle solution
  • Cream of the crop selection
  • The last resource you’ll need
  • Level-up your results
  • Nonpareil experience

Craft an all-encompassing solution of supreme usefulness.


Accentuate your ability to flash forward progress. Key accelerating terminology:

  • Rocket fuel for growth
  • High-octane progress booster
  • Catapult to new heights
  • Jump many years ahead
  • Shrink timelines dramatically
  • Advance on warp speed

Quantify specific time or resource efficiencies for true impact.


Captivate audiences with variants on breaking limits:

  • Shatter glass ceilings
  • Crush it with my method
  • Level up your breaking point
  • Earnings you didn’t think possible
  • Punch through stalemates

Empower people to exceed their own expectations tenfold.


While overused, celebrating brilliant ideas retains appeal. Praise intelligently:

  • Strokes of pure genius
  • Ingenious hacks
  • Masterclass in genius
  • Walk in the shoes of geniuses
  • Revolutionary like a genius

Attribute clever wins to influencers for validated cleverness.


Stimulate pursuit of higher altitudes with beyond terminology:

  • Beyond your wildest dreams
  • Take things to the next level
  • Peak performance beyond measure
  • Beyond plus ultra results
  • Limitless possibility ahead

Define a new summit others may follow you toward.


Invoke images of industry heavyweights for cachet by association:

  • Implement Titan strategies
  • Level up to Titan success
  • Titan blueprint for results
  • Rise through the Titan ranks
  • Become a Titan yourself

Distinguish as leadership material amidst the giants.


Prospects admire creativity and disruptors. Dangle opportunities to evolve:

  • Pioneer a whole new way
  • Revolutionize your approach
  • Reengineer from the ground up
  • Remake convention altogether
  • Future-proof your reinvention

Signify progress over traditions ripe for improvement.

Those are some of the most powerful words and phrases that can dramatically increase clicks, leads, and sales when used strategically in marketing copy. But keep in mind – it’s not enough to just sprinkle these buzzwords around willy-nilly.

The key is using them PURPOSEFULLY and backing them up with SOLID CONTENT. Don’t make empty promises – show real social proof, case studies, data or examples that demonstrate the value and merit behind each claim.

Speak to tangible BENEFITS people will get rather than just features. Quantify outcomes whenever possible with numbers, stats and metrics that capture your prospect’s interests.

Also, you’ll notice many of these persuasive terms imply EXCLUSIVITY. Reserve scarcity tactics judiciously to avoid appearing spammy or disingenuous. Only use them when you truly have limited opportunities, deadlines or inventory that people need to act on fast.

Most importantly, make sure your CALLS TO ACTION are crystal clear so all that clickbait buzz actually CONVERTS prospects into customers! Don’t leave visitors guessing at what you want them to do next.

Specifically request actions like:

  • Sign up for the free trial
  • Download the guide now
  • Book a demo of the product
  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Subscribe to the podcast
  • Register for the webinar

By harnessing attention-grabbing language AND following through with strong offers, you’ll see a big boost in clicks, shares and shares. People need a reason to take that extra step – give it to them!

Experiment with different combinations of buzzwords tailored to your target demographic. And constantly test headlines, cop and creative to see what resonates most with your particular audience.

Over time, you’ll discover the exact formula of titillating terms that drive the best response for your niche. Just make sure the hype is backed by real value at every stage of the funnel.

As a professional SEO copywriter, my job involves much more than just writing content. While crafting optimized text that ranks well and appeals to readers is a key part of the job, there’s an entire strategic process behind each piece that I create.

With the right strategic application of proven clickbait, your marketing will scale to whole new levels. Get out there and start testing this list – but do it RIGHT. Capture attention ethically and deliver on your promises tenfold. Let me know if you have any other questions!