Why Human Copywriters Are Still Better Than AI-Generated Text

While AI has its advantages, human-written copy is still far superior for ranking well in search engines and appealing to real people.

As artificial intelligence continues advancing at a rapid pace, many people believe that AI will soon replace human workers across various industries.

One area where AI is making strides is content generation through machine learning algorithms.

While AI has its advantages, human-written copy is still far superior for ranking well in search engines and appealing to real people.

AI Writing May Sound Human…But It’s Not

With advances in natural language processing, AI-generated content is getting better at sounding human.

Machines can analyze billions of web pages to pick up patterns in language usage and synthesize new text that mimics real human writing styles. On the surface, AI articles may look convincingly human.

However, no machine truly understands context, nuance or empathy like people do.

AI lacks the creative spark, emotional intelligence and life experiences that make human language so rich and relatable. While AI can imitate superficial elements of writing, it struggles with more abstract concepts that require complex reasoning, creativity or cultural awareness.

As a result, AI content often feels flat, generic or disengaged. Sure, machines can string together grammatically correct sentences, but the writing lacks a genuine human voice and fails to form an engaging emotional connection with readers. This disconnect becomes apparent if you read multiple AI-generated articles one after another.

Search Engines Prefer Original Human Perspectives

Search engines like Google are pretty good at identifying AI-generated content these days. They know that while AI can mimic surface-level elements of human writing, the underlying thought processes are fundamentally different between humans and machines.

When you hire a skilled human writer, you get one-of-a-kind content crafted from a unique life experience and worldview. No two human writers are exactly alike. This individuality and original perspective give text authenticity that search engines are able to detect and value.

In contrast, multiple AI articles all start to sound the same after a while because they are produced by the same algorithm and training data. Search engines won’t rank identical or near-identical content very high as it provides little new value to users. Original human perspectives increase content diversity on the web.

Human Empathy Boosts Reader Engagement

Beyond search engines, human empathy and perspective are also crucial for reader engagement. When people read articles written by others, they subconsciously look for emotional intelligence and relatability. Readers want to feel understood and make a personal connection with the writer.

AI lacks the life experiences needed to truly understand different perspectives and empathize like people can. As a result, machine-generated content tends to come across as detached, sterile or inhuman. Readers can sense this disconnect on a subtle emotional level even if they don’t realize the writing was created by AI.

In comparison, skilled human writers have a innate understanding of topics through their own lens of lived experiences. By tapping into compassion and relating topics to shared human experiences, human SEO copy boosts reader engagement through an authentic empathetic voice.

Humans Accommodate Personalization and Branding Needs

While AI excels at large-scale text generation, human-written content is far better for personalization, branding and custom requests. Machines operate based on predefined parameters from training data, so they struggle accommodating unique individual needs.

For instance, some clients may want copy tailored to a specific target demographic. Or they may need articles personalized with their company’s brand voice and messaging. Humans can seamlessly inject personal touches, customize writing styles and ensure consistency with the client’s brand image.

Businesses also require specialized expertise that AI may not have. For example, industries with legal/compliance needs depend on copywriters familiar with regulations. Or companies promoting technical products need writers experienced in that niche. Humans can leverage their diverse real-world skills, while AI requires massive additional training for each new domain.

An Expert Human Can Polish AI Output

Rather than seeing AI as a replacement, some people propose using machine generation as a starting point followed by human editing. While hybrid human-AI workflows show promise, fully relying on AI alone for copywriting is still ill-advised.

Most AI content requires significant refinement by skilled human writers to polish it into a cohesive, engaging piece. Machines miss subtleties of grammar, logic, flow, tone and persuasion that experienced copywriters have perfected through years of practice. Left unchecked, AI errors or inconsistencies can negatively impact the reader experience.

By having a seasoned professional strategically edit, refine and polish AI drafts, the output has a better chance of ranking well and resonating with audiences. Using AI as a supplement but retaining expert human oversight ensures quality remains a top priority over machine speed or convenience alone.

Trust in Human judgment Over Faceless Algorithms

Another factor is the emotional aspect of trust between businesses and customers. People are inherently wary of faceless algorithms and automated systems compared to establishing rapport with credible human professionals.

When you hire an experienced copywriter, you gain not just their writing skills but also their industry knowledge, creative problem-solving abilities and personal accountability. Customers feel more secure relying on the judgment of identifiable experts versus opaque machine algorithms.

High-quality human services also signal attention to detail, customization and care for the client’s needs – values that foster long-term trusting relationships. AI struggles replicating this interpersonal dimension crucial for building brand authority and loyalty over the internet.

Value Skilled Craftsmanship Above Low Cost Copy Mills

While AI improves efficiency, relying too heavily on machines risks producing low-quality content written primarily for speed and cost-cutting rather than optimizing for relevance, engagement or meaningful results.

Cheap AI and outsourced “content mills” churning out thousands of articles per month destroy the perception of expertise. Consumers see through mass-produced pieces and crave authenticity that well-crafted individualized content provides.

Instead, consider your copywriting an investment in quality over quantity. Hire seasoned professionals focused on strategic communications rather than volume. Their expert advice and polished perspectives will deliver higher value by converting more readers into qualified customers and boosting your authority over the long run.

In Summary – Why Human SEO Copywriters Deliver More Value

In conclusion, while AI shows promise assisting creativity, fully automated content generation is still no match for nuanced copy crafted by skilled human writers.

Human SEO copy delivers authentic perspectives, emotional connectivity, and tailored solutions that boost engagement for both people and search engines. Machines lack the life experiences and creative problem-solving abilities of professional copywriters.

Crafting optimized content requires not just linguistic skills but also deep cultural understandings, branding strategies, and compliance know-how that AI has yet to achieve without human oversight and refinement.

Businesses and consumers place greater trust in the personalized service of identifiable industry experts versus opaque algorithms alone. Value seasoned professional writing for building long-term trusted relationships through quality over quantity.

While AI can handle basic tasks, complex strategic communications still demand nuanced human judgment, creativity and accountability only experienced writers can provide. For visible results, authentic reader engagement and maximizing your authority, nothing beats human-crafted SEO copy.

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